Bullhead City Owner Carry Homes

Bullhead City Owner Carry HomesThe list below contains links to all Bullhead City Owner Carry Homes on the market, plus Fort Mohave and Mohave Valley Owner Carry Homes. They are listed from highest price to lower price so the farther down you scroll, the more affordable the homes become.

What is Owner Carry?

Owner Carry (OWC) means that the homeowner acts as the bank during a real estate transaction. The homeowner usually asks for a large down payment, anywhere from 10-50% down and will also usually ask for a higher interest rate than a bank or mortgage lender. This is sometimes a convenient option for home buyers with credit issues, although, keep in mind, it isn’t necessarily the best option.

This is also a good way for homeowners to sell homes in need of some TLC or older manufactured homes that wouldn’t necessarily qualify for a home loan. Click here for an article on The Benefits of Owner Financing for Sellers and Buyers

Bullhead City Owner Carry Homes

Click Here for Owner Carry Homes in Bullhead City priced under $65,000

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