Are you selling a manufactured or mobile home with FHA financing?

 This may require the home’s foundation to be retrofitted and certified by a structural engineer.

Doublewide mobile home in ArizonaRetrofitting your mobile home modifies the foundation to be able to sustain 100+ mile/hour winds plus allows the company handling the retro fit to identify and rectify other safety, structual and drainage issues.

Most mobile homes out in the market today were just set on a relatively level lot, directly on top of the dirt with some dirt anchors and straps in place. There was no oversight into the quality of the installation and FHA has produced guidelines that both they and the VA want to follow so they don’t end up a problem property if they up foreclosing on it.

FHA Anchoring Modifications are required to establish compliance with the guidelines noted in the “Permanent Foundation Guide For Manufactured Housing,” Sept. 1996 (Ref: FHA HUD-7584/7587 HUD-4145.1 Rev. 2).

Additions to the property (porches, decks, deck covers, roof decks, room additions, carports, etc) must be installed in accordance with HUD Manufactured Home Construction and Safety Standards (CFR3280)  in order to not compromise the integrity of the existing structure.

Basic Requirements in addition to the anchoring:

  • Porches/Decks above 30” and staircases with more than 3 steps must have a handrail.
  • All additions must be self-supporting to the ground where they meet the original structure, in order to “not affect the structural integrity of the existing structure”.
  • Water must not stream, stand, puddle, or pool under the structure.
  • Tongue(s) and axles must be removed in order for structure to be considered permanent.
  • Skirting must completely encompass the crawlspace and not have holes larger than a dime, and few at that, in order to prevent vermin and water intrusion.
  • Some lenders require the skirting to be braced from behind with framework (treated lumber or metal) to resist movement near the bottom of the skirting.

Local Retrofit Resources

XXX Mobile Home Set Up & Service | 702-354-4528
Redmond Construction | 928-768-9518
Sunwest Enterprises | 928-757-9341
Atlas Releveling | 928-542-7145

Rogers Engineering | 520-888-8533


Arizona Department of Housing/Manufactured Homes Division

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